A Forever Home in Sherwood

A Forever Home in Sherwood

This sweet family came to us partly in joy – the last kid was about to be out of the house! – and partly in desperation. They had been living with this oddly shaped, cramped, tiny 1970’s home forever, and they were not going to spend another year trying to make it work. This is going to be their forever home, so everything had to be perfect; their biggest goals were to open up the living areas, add on where needed to get more functional spaces, and create the luxury master suite they’d been dreaming of for years.

This was probably one of the most challenging design projects we’ve ever worked on! As a forever home, we had to figure out how to get all the dream elements in: huge pantry with second fridge and deep freeze; big, open concept luxury kitchen; a home office; and plenty of room to entertain. Early options tried to keep the existing beam lines and stairs in place to help manage the cost for the owners.

The house is complicated structurally, with a lot of angles and cantilevers, so we brought the engineer in early in the process to make sure we didn’t design anything that wouldn’t work or would blow the budget. We also had to design around tight setbacks and long-term accessibility as the owners aged in place.

Eventually we got there! After a long design process, a lot of collaboration with the owners, and full team input, we reached the best solution to turn this odd 70’s house into the greatest possible version of itself.

This was a really fun one to watch during construction. The two additions, though individually on the smaller side, added a huge amount of light and space to the house, turning the cramped spaces into a comfortable, modern, luxury open concept. We collaborated with the builder on the interior design for this project, and the owners ended up with a really fabulous home to grow old together in.

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