The Candid Experience

At Candid Design, we have a tried-and-true method to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

It all starts with the Consultation

Our lead designer will meet with you in your home to chat about your ideas, talk through any potential challenges, and answer your questions.

Next we’ll put together a proposal

It'll be tailored specifically to your needs - simple, easy, and straight-forward.
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The design process

begins with a full, thorough measure of your home. We only work with the most accurate dimensions from the beginning to help minimize any surprises down the road. Then we’ll work WITH you to develop your vision, bringing our extensive code and construction knowledge to the table so we reach the best solution - one that you’ll actually be able to permit and build. Our 3D modeling shows you exactly what your new space is going to look like, so it’s easy to visualize the options and make decisions as we go.

Once you’re happy with the design

we’ll work with your builder to figure out the budget, finalize any remaining details, and put together your permit set. We’ll be with you all the way through permitting, answering the Building Department’s questions and making any changes needed to get final permit approval. We’ll stick close by during construction, too - there are always surprises, so we’ll be here to make sure things go right. 

That’s it!

From early concept to final punch list, Candid Design will be there with you, every step of the way.

Typically, the entire process takes about eight weeks from concept to completed permit drawings. This can go much faster for smaller projects or simpler designs; or much slower if we have a lot of options to consider, if you’re planning to be out of town or out of reach during design, or if we have to pause for builder estimating or financing decisions.

Engineering, if needed, usually takes another thirty days or so; permitting can take anywhere from two weeks to three months, depending on the time of year, the building department, and the complexity of your project.

How can we help?

Every project is unique! If yours is a little different, or if you’re just curious how we could help with your particular situation, give us a call. We can answer a lot of questions with a phone chat, and consultations are always free if you have bigger questions!