Space for Grandma in Tualatin

Tualatin In-Law Suite

This sweet family in Tualatin needed more space for Grandma.

Grandma moved back in a year ago as she’s been getting older and needs a little more daily care. She was given the master suite, so Mom and Dad took over the kids’ bedroom and they were sharing the third room. After a year in close quarters, they decided it was time to expand and give Grandma a space of her own.

We were dealing with a smaller home and didn’t want to take any space from the other bedrooms, or eat up any room with a long hallway. The most logical place for a second master suite, then, was to extend from the living room into the backyard. 

We always want to consider the long-term use of the space as well as potential resale value, so we looked at two different options. The first was to place the closet and bathroom against the new exterior wall, leaving the option available to open up the wall between the bedroom and living room down the road, creating a larger living space when it wasn’t needed as a bedroom anymore.

The second option, the one this family chose to go with, was the place the closet and bath against the current exterior wall, allowing for more privacy in the bedroom, maximum light and views to the sunny backyard, and a separate family access to the backyard.

We designed the entire new space to be ADA friendly so Grandma could get around comfortably with her walker.

Candid did the foundation and framing plans for this simple addition, and we slid right through permitting without a hitch! 

The family worked with the builder to choose all the colors and finishes for the new space, and we think it turned out fabulous. When we popped in after construction to check how it’s working out, Mom said it’s wonderful – they just need a sign on Grandma’s Room to help her remember not to head over to their reclaimed master suite when it’s time for bed. 🙂

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